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Rock-N-Waupun Youth Display Contest

2024 Rock-N-Waupun Youth Display Contest

The display contest is going to be a joint effort between the Waupun Farm Toy Sale & Tractor Show and the Rock-N-Farm Toy Show in Janesville, WI.

We will be providing the first 8 participants to sign up for the contest at the Waupun Farm Toy Sale & Tractor Show held on April 27th and 28th, 2024 with a display packet. Participants may then work on their displays to complete them and bring them in for judging at The Rock-N-Farm Toy Show in Janesville, WI on December 7th and 8th, 2024.

The contest is open to participants that are 8-16 years of age.

A required deposit of $42.00 will need to be made at the time the packet is received at the Waupun Farm Toy Sale & Tractor Show. Once the display has been brought back to the Janesville Rock-N-Farm Toy Show for judging, the deposit of $42.00 will be refunded to the participants at that time.

Display packets will contain:

1 2" thick 2'X2' Foam Board

1 1" Thick 2'X2' Foam Board

1 Shaker of Light Gray Fine Ballast. (Gravel)

1 Bag of Green Blended Turf

1 Bag of Earth Blend Turf

1 Bag of Medium Green Bushes

1 2 Pack of 3"-4" Cool Shade Trees

2 1/64 3D Printed Figures

2 1/64 3D Printed Animals

Display Requirements:

Base & Basic landscape supplies will be provided.

Displays must be Farm, Construction, or Auto related.

Displayers must include on structure. Barn, Shed, Garage, Grain Bin, ect.

Displayers must include 2 or more Power Units. Car, Truck, Tractor, or Combine

Displayers can add additional landscape materials to their display to make it more realistic.

When will judging be held?

Judging will be held on Saturday December 7th, 2024. We do ask that all of our participants stay setup through Sunday December 8th, 2024 unless prior arrangements are made.

Need Help or Advice for Your Display Design?

Contact any of the following people by text or by calling if you are looking for help with how to build your display!

If they do not answer your call please leave a message or send a text and they will reach out to you as soon as they are able to.

Josh Osborne (Call or Text after 7pm CST) - (262) 749 - 0252

Rich Morgan (Call or Text after 7pm CST) - (262) 215 - 0287

Davey Vande Zande Jr (Call or Text after 7pm CST) - (920) 960 - 7878

Mike Doctor - (262) 623 - 1857

Jeff Hintz - (920) 252 - 0765

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