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1/64 3D Printed Grain Leg Kit

1/64 3D Printed Grain Leg Kit

SKU: K36

1/64 3D Printed Grain Leg Kit

1/64th scale Grain Leg Kit for 5/32×5/16 Brass Tube NOT Included. Unfinished. This kit comes with head, tail, platform, two joiners, and ten center braces. It is made to fit a 5/32″ x 5/16″ brass tube (not included) so you can make it any height you would like.

  • Product Prep and Care

     Parts are 3D printed resin using stereolithography apparatus (SLA) printing.  This process on occasion can leave a slightly dusty residue on the models, but is very easy to clean.  Simply wash the parts in a light soap and warm water bath for a few minutes, rinse well and let air dry.

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